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Foam can be a great addition to various events, including outdoor festivals, children’s parties, nightclubs, charity events, school and university events. It adds an element of fun and excitement, creating a memorable experience for attendees.

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Bubbles Galores, more than big bubbles. We are the bubble spectacular company offering, Foam mountains, and the biggest bubbles you have ever seen.  Our Foam Frenzy experience will be the talk of Perth and your guests will be raving about your party.  Bubbles and Foam Parties in Perth are the new craze and we are the best at it.  We bring excitement, awe, and joy to all of the events that we go to.


Foam Frenzy

 We bring our amazing powerful foam cannon that will have your space filled with foam within minutes. Our entertainer/operator will have you and your guests bopping and foam grooving to the latest beats, yes, we even bring the music. Our fantastic foam lasts as long as your party and we guarantee not to stop until you do. It’s great on grass, your garden will thank you and your driveway will get the best clean it has ever had. No charge for the driveway clean. Call today to book your spot.

Bubble Storm

Weddings, Parties, anything. Our Bubble storm can be used at any event. It will add to the ambience, create moments of wonder and have everyone spellbound by it’s magic. It only takes a moment, a minute and our amazing bubble machine will have your space swarming with beautiful translucent bubbles. Let us create something special for your wedding as your walk down the isle. We will even decorate our machine to match your decor. Our GIANT bubble machine will have you thinking of Crocodile Dundee, “That’s not a bubble machine……”

Big Bubbles, Bubbles Galore 

Bubblers with Giant Wands, Happy children, enchanted moments. Everyone loves bubbles.  They bring joy and happiness to every event.  Pop Bang Bubbles is an all-inclusive activity that makes everyone feel good.  There’s something amazing about watching 4-foot bubbles in a blue sky.  It’s soul-soothing, good clean fun and it’s in Perth.  There will be screams of delight and, lots of Oohs and Ahhs at your next event. Imagine sundowners, corporate functions, Christmas parties, and playgroups. Schools and birthdays.  We go everywhere. Call us today

School Foam Fun Run

Book you school colour fun run today. Without foam, it’s just a run.

“This is the best day of my life”

Simon, 9 years old

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Rosie was fantastic, appreciated her flexibility and capacity to adapt to changes in circumstances, leading to children having a wonderful time
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Happy mum

In awe of this amazing woman! The MOST professional, entertaining, captivating, and reliable children’s party organiser/entertainer, provider around… so impressed. Thank you Rosie for making our child’s party a huge success!!!

Amber Gibson

Happy mum

Rosie’s team attended our corporate family Christmas Party – best decision we made. The team were amazing keeping nearly 30 kids entertained with everything we could wish for and more and even cleaned up the area afterwards. Everyone was happy. Cannot recommend them highly enough. We would definitely use them again. Thank you Rosie and your team!
Julie W

Corporate Client

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